Contract Drafting & Negotiation

The intellectual property and business laws dictate the rights of the parties. Using form contracts found on the Internet or that someone else has provided you can be detrimental to your rights if not properly reviewed and changed by an experienced entertainment attorney.  Courts and the law allows for parties to enter into a bad contract and they will not void a contract just because its unreasonable towards one party. Therefore, It is vitally important that a properly written agreement be prepared that sets forth the terms between parties in the entertainment industry based on both industry standards and the laws. It is equally important to have the contracts negotiated by someone experienced in the entertainment industry that is familiar with the issues that need to be addressed.



My experience of representing clients on both the company and artist side provide me with the experience to know the legal and industry issues that are important to include for both sides in a contract. Years of practicing litigation helps me understand which issues are important to address in a contract and the best ways to draft to clear and concise terms to avoid any confusion on the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Based on my years of drafting contracts, I have an extensive library of basic contracts. I am able to offer a basic agreement for an initial nominal fee of $50 or less. After providing you with a basic agreement, I only charge for the time to consult and make changes to the contract.


Negotiation takes skill and experience to ultimately reach an agreement between two parties. Because of my experience of representing both companies and artists, I know the issues that are important to both parties and can offer solutions to reach an agreement that otherwise would seem unattainable. I pride myself on "closing the deal" and believe that I am being hired to help two parties who already have decided to work together try to simply come to an agreement on the detailed terms of a written agreement.