Artist Consultation

 Some examples of the issues I consult with artists about are:

  • Career advice
  • Contracts with 3rd parties.
  • Rights under a Current Contract
  • Business Entity Formation
  • Copyright Registration
  • Trademark of Artist Name
  • Dispute resolution

Company Consultation

Some examples of the issues I consult with companies about are:

  • Business Entity Formation 
  • Types of Contracts for Business
  • Trademark of Business Names
  • Copyright Registration 
  • Business and Investment plans
  • Rights under a current contract
  • Dispute resolution

Setting Up A Consultation

It is really easy to set up a consultation.  Whether youjust have a list of questions on how to get started or you need advice about drafting or signing a contract, a consultation is the way to start. A consultation may be in the office or over the telephone. You can click on the email icon or call the phone number on this page to reach me to schedule an appointment. There is a charge of $100 for a one hour general consultation and $150 is you have a contract you need reviewed. Payment is made at the time of the consultation by credit or debit card, cash or PayPal. 

Shopping or Pitching Policy

Though I do represent clients in the entertainment industry, I do not shop or pitch projects to record companies, television or film producers or book publishers. I become involved after a client has acquired an interest on his or her own. Though these companies tell you to get an entertainment lawyer to provide these services, very few attorney's provide these services. For recording artists I suggest aligning yourself with a manager or producer that has contacts in the industry. For film, tv and book projects you would seek out an agent that provides these services.